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When you have finished with your laptop please ensure that you have deleted any work which you have saved on the machine (otherwise this will be visible to the next user) and that you have shut down the laptop.  Please do not log-off the laptop, as this will result in delays when you attempt to return it on the laptop cabinet. 

The laptop will need to be returned to the same cabinet that it was borrowed from, and it will need to be returned using the same student card and PIN that were used to borrow it.

Swipe your student card through the card reader and, when prompted, enter your University PIN.  The door to the cabinet tray where the laptop belongs will open automatically.  Please reconnect the power lead to the laptop and then close the cabinet door.

Laptops need to be returned by 7pm on weekdays, and by 4pm on weekends.  Overdue laptops are charged at a rate of £1 per hour until they are returned.

If you have any difficulty using the laptop cabinet please speak to a member of our staff.

How do I borrow a laptop?

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