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We know that library fines can be a big worry for people studying with us, so for the most part we decided to get rid of them, but there are times when you may see a charge on your account.  If you think you’ve got a library fine you can check this by logging in to your library account.  

Fines can occur when you borrow a laptop/MacBook and return it later than the times advertised (they need to be returned by 7pm on weekdays and 4pm on weekends and outside of term time).  If your laptop/MacBook becomes overdue you will be charged £1 per hour until it is returned.  

You may also see a charge if you fail to return an item that has been requested by another library user, these are shown as being on ‘Hold’ on your account.  You will be charged £1 per day for their late return.

Another time you may see a charge is if you have forgotten to renew your loan for more than 4 weeks (28 days).  This charge is not actually a fine, it’s an invoice for the replacement of the item you have on loan.  If you still have the item, please do not try and pay for it.  Just return the item as soon as possible and the charge will be removed from your account.  If you fail to contact the library within a further 21 days of the bill being issued (making the item more than 49 days overdue) we will purchase a replacement copy of the item, the right to return is removed and only payment is accepted. If you have lost the item please contact the library as soon as possible and we’ll help you with what to do next.

If you’re not sure about charges on your account please speak to us and we can help you.

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