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Printing services are available at both campus libraries and IT Centres.  Each printer can print in both colour and black and white (BW) and most can print on both A4 and A3 paper.  The cost of printing depends on the size of paper you intend to print on and whether you choose the black and white or colour options to print.  The prices are:

A4 BW 5p per side

A4 Colour 25p per side

A3 BW 10p per side

A3 Colour 50p per side

Printers can staple documents for you, free of charge, but this option needs to be selected before sending a document to print.  Printers can also be used as photocopiers and have the ability to scan documents to your University email account.  If you are unsure how to do this please speak to a member of staff.

Before you can log on to your printing account you will need to put some printing credit on to your account.  Instructions to do this can be found here:

You can view and print your previous month’s statement by visiting http://srv-printcas-01:2941/webtools/start.html.  The statement will show the last 4 weeks of your printing activity, including any credit you’ve added to your account.  

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