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You are welcome to pay charges and fines in the library with cash or with a debit/credit card for transactions that are £5 or over. 

You can also pay using the University’s E-Payments facility; again this is for transactions that are £5 or over.  This facility can also be accessed via the public website, student hub and My Account via the library catalogue.

Please be aware that it takes twenty four hours for the charges to be removed from your library account when paid online.

Before paying it is important for you to understand the differences between library charges and fines because your library account will state them all as fines.

What are library charges?

  • Charges are for resources that have become more than 4 weeks overdue and represent their replacement cost
  • Charges for items returned within 7 weeks of becoming overdue will be waived
  • Charges for items that are more than 7 weeks overdue need to be paid
  • If you pay for lost resources but find them within 3 months please return them for a refund
  • Please return these items to a member of staff and not via the self-service machines.  If they are returned via self-service we will not be able to arrange a refund for you

What are library fines?  

  • Fines are charged for late laptops/MacBooks and books with holds on them
  • Overdue laptops and MacBooks are charged at £1 per hour
  • Books/items with holds on them (these are items requested by someone else) are charged at £1 per day
  • We expect all fines to be paid

We are always happy to discuss charges and fines on an individual basis, just get in touch to see if we can help.

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